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Do you have questions about photo equipment, cameras, image editing software? Want to know how to pose in a wedding, a baptism at a party? Ask us.



How to choose a wedding photographer

Styles of wedding photography

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How to choose a wedding photographer

wedding portrait

You have to like his photos.

These photographs will remind you of the most beautiful day of your life. If you are not impressed by the portfolio of a photographer looking for another. The memories of the wedding day is more than a few nice pictures, so ask yourself: „How well tells the story of my wedding photographer through his images and how well it combines these pictures into an album?” Do not compromise with quality wedding photographer.

Find a price as your budget.

It’s easy to spend more than you can afford with your wedding so it is important to find a wedding photography package that best suits your budget. Make sure that the offer includes everything you want: Engagement photography, prints, albums, several photographers, etc.. These pictures you will see for the rest of life and, along with video, are the only tangible memories of this day, so choose the right offer.

Hire a reliable professional.


Choosing wedding photographer is difficult. Trust that your pictures are as beautiful as those in the albums show you the photographer? Are you sure that the photographer has a backup plan in case something happens and he can not come to the wedding? Photographer can offer everything you want? If one of these QUESTION FROM continue to not find the answer you are looking for.


If you look in any bridal magazine or website with tips for weddings you will find a huge list of questions you should be asking wedding photographer. At   I put these questions to all of us to not have to do it yourself!   – the only choice

wedding portrait

You like your work!

Photos   are chosen for talent to tell their stories through pictures beautiful. Try to understand what kind of wedding photography you want and then looking photographer that suits you best. Continue working after the wedding to make your wedding photos into true works of art.

We have the right package!

No matter how simple or complicated your plans for the wedding are our packages are specially made to suit any requirements. All packages include digital negatives   an album online and customer service. We have no hidden fees – our prices are easy to understand and choosing the right wedding package is very easy.


Styles of wedding photography


Unlike things „passing” of the wedding, the wedding photos will last a lifetime and more. As this picture is so essential, it is very important to find a photographer to have a vision and style that resonates with your desires. A starting point would be to familiarize yourself with the main styles of wedding photography.


Photojournalist style


wedding portrait

Photojournalism is one of the most popular types of wedding photography today. And with good reason: order photojournalist is to tell the unique story of your wedding day, from the moment of anticipation during wedding preparation to the last dance. Fotojurnalisul immortalize moments rather than portraits arranged, using the knowledge of photography to document the excitement and energy of the wedding day: the bride’s tear from the corner of the eye, the joy of parents, sincere smiles.

As the photographer directing these pictures are natural and spontaneous moments. They transmit viewer emotion and tell the story of your wedding day exactly as it happens.

Photojournalism has no negative sides. It may be that photographer to capture moments truly „surprising”, but if you want those pictures in your wedding album, they ask.

Traditional photographic style


Traditional photography (also known as formal or portrait photo) refers to photos „arranged” ranking of the couple, their families and guests. These are pictures of the bride and bouquet, groom’s parents, bride and groom looking into each other’s eyes, etc.. Most wedding albums contain either some of these pictures, or entire pages with different arrangements of the couple’s family members and guests.


The beauty of traditional photographic style is that in the end you will have a set of professional photographs of family and friends couple. The disadvantage of this style is that these images might to lack energy, passion and emotion that characterizes your wedding.

Artistic photographic style


The artistic style is sort of a photographer of all knowledge, including everything from filters and special items to colorize images and unusual camera angles. The technique of this style is constantly evolving along with technology. Using all these effects result in a collection of modern image but also it is also their main weakness: over ten years these images may not be fashionable to look outdated.


The key is the artistic style used to highlight only certain images, not to create a highly stylized set of images. Eventually wedding album should tell the story of the day not be an exhibition the arts.


At   we adopted a photojournalist style in wedding photography. Although sometimes use photography and traditional style, our main goal is to tell a story – your story.


How we work?

Posing in the digital


Why? The answer is simple: Digital photography offers the same quality and faster processing than the traditional film – all at a lower cost. I chose digital photography for several reasons:


Pictures of the best qualityDigital photography offers crisp, lively and gives the photographer more control during processing and printing than traditional film.


Photo without limits – All photos   have the ability to store many photos in digital format. This allows them to capture every moment of your wedding day in true style photojournalist, without losing a moment.


Wedding portrait


Total control offered by digital negatives – photos quickly ready for viewing in an online gallery secured with a password. Images can be viewed by family and friends and you have total control over who has access to these pictures. All packages include digital negatives   which gives you total ownership right wedding photos.


Quality at a reasonable price – Posing in digital format means there is no additional cost for the number of images taken, so our photos are free to take as many pictures as necessary to tell the story of the wedding. That means you have a larger number of images from which to choose when you build your wedding album and when you order prints for your family and friends.

The photographer will have an assistant?


Many of our packages include a second photographer for your wedding. This is a very good choice because having a second photojournalist will increase the number of images of special moments captured.   optional products and services


You can print a color picture black and white?

Yes, we can print any color picture black and white. Our artists will suggest that pictures might look good in black and white. Finally, you have total control over how they will show prints and wedding album.


It can resize pictures?

Yes, if desired picture has unwanted items or believe to look better in another size, we can make any adjustment on the proportions and size of the picture without any additional cost.


May modify the pictures?

Armed with a team of talented artists in the digital processing of images and photo labs working with the best quality we can offer a wide range of imaging services. If you think of anything, ask us. One of the most common changes required for wedding photos is to apply an effect to color: a black and white photo with one element color, usually the bride’s bouquet.


You can retouch digital transfer order?

Course. We want you to be happy with your wedding story – which is why we offer digital retouching service as an important part of our services. Our artists will ensure perfect wedding photos retusand to improve their images or creating a unique wedding album.

All alterations will be made on copies of your image, so the originals are not affected. When retouching is completed you can use both the original and the retouched images for ordering prints.


How do I order prints from my wedding?

Within 14 days of the wedding your wedding photos will be posted in a protected page  . There you can see photos and order prints through our instant which is very easy to use.

You will receive a special access code that you can share with family and friends. Using this code they will be able to see the pictures and order prints.


You get original digital photos to process them one or another lab?

All our packages include a custom DVD containing all original digital images at full resolution. They will be recognized at an international standard in a common format, no color correction, resize or any digital processing.

These digital images provides a high degree of control over the final picture quality and are compatible with all digital printing systems. In this format images can be viewed and printed, but not really „ready to print” – may need a certain degree of manipulation to get the best results. Most photo labs can offer this service, but often it is a paid service. If you want to print photos yourself you will need an image editing program to get best results.


If you want prints or albums later?

If you want to order portraits wedding albums or prints you can do anytime through our online store. Images will be displayed on our website for a limited time depending on the package ordered. Although it will be displayed on  , we will archive images for 5 years and during this time you can contact us to order prints and albums.


How long will last pictures?

All photos are produced on Kodak and Fuji archival paper of the highest quality and have lifetime warranty. While taking a few basic safety precautions to protect your photos they will last 100 years or more without losing quality. If you want to framed pictures and they will be exposed in a room lit by daylight we recommend you use for painting a glass with UV protection. This type of glass is available to any serious framing store.